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Natural healing is healing according to the laws of nature. Health is like a pendulum swinging to and fro between what is optimal and what is symptomatic. In times of stress or after years of habits and routines our renewable energy source called the VITAL FORCE, also known as chi or prana, requires external help to restore its own innate ability to heal.

Address the root cause. Vital force is the energy that animates all. It flows through and energizes every part of us including our mental and emotional beings. When this dynamic energy is withdrawn, diminished, or becomes stuck, our own immune systems generate symptoms designed to get our attention. Conversely, when that same energy is renewed, freedom in health is restored. It is that simple.

Prevention and early action is your best insurance.One of the best things about homeopathy is prevention. Homeopathy acts before problems become serious enough to be detectable by conventional methods of imaging or blood tests. Addressing concerns early on when symptoms are vague yet nagging can save time and money later.

Symptoms are our friends. They are the attention getters of the body's defense system and the language of our vital force. Symptoms communicate what needs healing. As a homeopath I listen carefully to these messages. They not only describe the nature of the disturbance but when they lessen in intensity and frequency, let the homeopath know when harmony is being restored.

Every life stage has its challenges, from infancy to puberty to midlife and into our later years. These passages require constant adjustments that can overwhelm us mentally, emotionally, and physically. Homeopathic remedies meet us at these crossroads and ease us through our challenges by gently and permanently tuning the vital force so that harmony between all parts is restored and maintained. May the force be with you.

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