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G E T T I N G    S T A R T E D

“With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing.”

     --- Catherine de Hueck

The first step is a phone call from you telling me about your health. This 20 minute complementary consultation provides an opportunity for us to discuss how homeopathy can help you. Because homeopathy is individualized for your personal situation, this time gives you a chance to explore the homeopathic approach.

At the first appointment a homeopath wants to learn as much as possible about you and your symptoms. You should set aside a little over two hours for this initial meeting. Children’s interviews generally require less time.

At this time you will be asked about your family history, your history of complaints up to the present, and other questions related to the problems you are experiencing. Please download the New Client Registration Form and also the Consent Form and bring them to your first appointment.

The homeopathic approach requires an initial appointment of 2 hours and then two follow-up appointments of one hour each, approximately 6 weeks apart from the time you take the remedy.

Distance case taking may be done by telephone for those who are outside the Metropolitan New York area.

Acute complaints are easily managed by telephone. It is best to have a small remedy kit on hand for just these situations. The Helios Basic 36 Remedy Kit as shown on Oprah by guest Cindy Crawford is recommended.

Home visits may be arranged for the elderly or disabled.

Ask about a competitively priced family plan when 2 or more members of your family are seeking homeopathic care.

Although health insurance is not accepted many employers reimburse homeopathy through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Remember that with the rising cost of health insurance deductibles as well as the trend towards expensive co-insurance, homeopathy is the best insurance you can have.

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