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I came to homeopathy because I was feeling extremely tired months later following conventional treatment for breast cancer. I was considering starting a therapeutic exercise and nutritional program but didn't have the energy to proceed. I contacted Vital Force Homeopathy and took a remedy that specifically addressed my situation. It was amazing. At 7 AM I took the remedy and felt an overwhelming sleepiness. Completely out of character I fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up at noon I felt like a new person. I was completely energized. That was 16 months ago and I still donít need my 4 PM nap.

JS, Design Consultant, Los Angeles

When my daughter turned 15 months I brought her to Vital Force Homeopathy. We couldn't travel anywhere without her becoming severely debilitated by motion sickness. The first remedy didn't seem to make much difference but after a second homeopathic remedy it was like magic. During the first long car trip we almost forgot that she had ever had a problem. In addition she had a temperamental character: any deviation from her regular routine would send her over the edge. We could never leave her with anyone, even family, because the separation anxiety was so strong. But after that second remedy all that was history.

BS, Photo Editor, Virginia

I'm writing to let you know that the remedy you gave me helped tremendously with my menopausal symptoms. I came to you with hot flashes and depression, but have been amazed to find other "symptoms" that I didn't think were related, have also been aided by the remedy. My eyes and sinuses are much clearer, and the roseacea is slowly but surely retreating.

KL, CEO Technology, New York

I was affected by the nuclear accident at Chernobyl and went to Vital Force Homeopathy after a second surgery for thyroid cancer. The doctor had told me that it was quite possible that I would have to have a new surgery every two years. I decided to try nontraditional medicine. It has been three years and my sonograms continue to be negative for metastases. Also, I feel good. I believe my immune system is stronger now because I used to be sickly. The remedy that I took was very inexpensive and I only had to take it once a week. Now I take it only infrequently.

YB, Engineer

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